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We are proud of the two gold diplomas we earned at the Slovakia Cantat competition in Bratislava. We had 93 points in the adult mixed acapella choir category and 95 points in the folk acapella category. After a long time, our choir performed on foreign concert stages and proved that we are still in good...


Even though choirs are not as active, they can still grow and improve. Choral conductor, take a look at your past work, improve your knowledge and hear about experiences of others. We’re inviting you to a different kind of seminar for choral conductors with recognized mentors Ragnar Rasmussen and Urša Lah. You will be getting...


Members of MeKZ Ljubljanski Madrigalisti stayed active with online rehearsals but nothing can replace singing together, polyphony, smiles, and the looks coming from our conductor. The lift of restrictions after the long period of isolation and social distancing was very welcomed. We are looking forward to finally performing in front of an audience, sharing warm...

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