Mixed choir Ljubljanski Madrigalisti was formed in 1991 when a group of Slovenian madrigalists decided to work under conductor Matjaž Šček. Throughout the years the choir built up an advanced repertory and performed at numerous competitions and also as a guest choir. In its long and fruitful existence it recorded eight compilations. Ljubljanski Madrigalisti are known and recognized in Slovenian music space. Love for music, mutual respect and friendship keep us together. 

From September 2018 the choir is led by young and promising Klara Maljuga. In 2020 she prepared program “Blagor družinam” for Ljubljanski Madrigalisti that won a prize for best program of mid-Slovenian region.


Year: 2010

Evharistično srce

Conductor: Mateja Kališnik, Pija Brodnik
Year: 2007

Blizu srca

Conductor: Andreja Martinjak, Benjamin Britten
Year: 2001

Kar si napisal, ne boš izbrisal

Conductor: Matjaž Šček
Year: 2000

Qui Es in Coelis | Ki Si v nebesih

Conductor: Matjaž Šček
Year: 1999

Bom naredil stezice

Conductor: Matjaž Šček
Year: 1996

Iacobus Gallus Carniolus

Conductor: Matjaž Šček
Year: 1994

Z glasbo dvajsetega stoletja

Conductor: Matjaž Šček
Year: 1992

Maša | Kristus je vstal

Conductor: Matjaž Šček


KLARA MALJUGA (2018 - present)

Klara Maljuga’s conducting skills first got attention when she made it to semifinals at the competition of choral conductors of Matej Hubad in 1016 in Ljubljana. In 2019 she graduated in choral conducting with excellence at the Music Academy of Ljubljana in class of doc. Sebastjan Vrhovnik. She keeps expanding her knowledge attending both local and international workshops for choral conductors (mentors include Ragnar Rasmussen, Gary Graden, Martina Batič, etc.). Klara also participates in international events of The European Choral Association Europa Cantat.


With Primož Malavašič our renewed choir performed at numerous concerts in Slovenia and opened festival “Rokovo poletje” in 2015 at Šmarje pri Jelšah. That same year we recorded our first official video for the song “Vöra bije” by young composer Matija Krečič.


Under Mateja Kališnik we recorded our 8th CD with tenor Vid Lisjak and soprano Pia Brodnik. In June 2010 we performed at state festivities on National Day and regularly participated at other choral events.


During this season we had the opportunity to collaborate with Mirko Ferlan. In relation to Primož Trubar Day we performed around Slovenia and bordering areas with Slovenian minority performing Slovene protestant music.


With Andreja Martinjak we won the golden plaque at Slovenian state choral competition “Naša pesem” in 2007. We won 2nd place at the 9th international choral competition in Maribor in 2008 where we also received a special prize for best Slovenian choir.

WALTER LO NIGRO (2001-2002)

With Walter Lo Nigro the choir won 1st and 4th place in 2001 at the international competition in Sittal.

MATJAŽ ŠČEK (1991-2001)

Influenced by music from very early on, Matjaž Šček was a choirmaster in various amateur ensembles from a very young age. He successfully led an octet, a men's choir and then a mixed choir. It was under his baton that the Ljubljana Madrigalists mixed choir was founded in 1991.


TENORRok Hribar

BASSBlaž Grgič

ALTOValerija Javornik

ALTOBeti Burger

TENORToni Rajk

ALTOUrša Šega

BASSRok Grgasovič

SOPRANOIvana Jelisavčić

ALTOEva Bavcon

SOPRANOMarika Ravnik

ALTOAndreja Jelen

ALTOMaja Anzeljc

SOPRANOMateja Habjanič

BASSUrban Marinko

ALTOUrška Skamen

SOPRANOAna Johana Scholten

ALTOAna Gabršček

ALTOUrša Kljun

ALTOPolona Nastran

TENORRok Tovšak

SOPRANOMaja Zupanc

BASSRok Luzar

BASSPeter Stovanje

SOPRANOVeronika Zagorc

BASSJan Skrbinšek

BASSAmbrož Kvartič

SOPRANOKlara Ravnik

BASSGregor Traven

SOPRANOMarija Šraj

ALTOZala Jovan

SOPRANOMaja Stepan

ALTOMojca Lampelj

BASSŠtefan Souidi

ALTOKristina Geč

BASSTomaž Smrkolj

SOPRANOUrška Debevec


Digital exhibition on the 30th anniversary.

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